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Pasta Verde

This is another one of those recipes that I make to take with me to school when I have a ridiculous amount of classes back to back. Yes I still kick it old school with packed lunches! Nice and easy, … Continue reading

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Toasty Veggy Sandwich

This recipe came as a result of me being really hungry and confused about what to eat for lunch one day. So I pulled out a bunch of stuff from my fridge and voila a veggy sandwich appeared. Nice thing … Continue reading

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Garlic Ginger Honey Chicken

This recipe came up from a bit of experimenting. Result was tasty, juicy, chicken! Check it out: Serves 1 What we need:2 skinned, washed chicken thighs2 tbsp honey1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice2 peeled, grated garlic cloves 1 tbsp peeled, grated … Continue reading

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Egg Burji-Indian Scrambled Eggs

I have always grown up eating my eggs like this and couldn’t eat them any other way! Super quick to make and a good way to spice up your breakfast. Serves 2: What we need:1-2 tbsp spoon4 eggs1 diced red … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Chick-Pea Salad

This chick-pea salad is a really good lunch option or side. Either way it tastes good, is really fresh and filling. You have the option of using pre-cooked chick-peas that come in a can or you can cook them in … Continue reading

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Elaichi (Cardomom) Tea

I love tea and although I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea recently, I don’t think anything beats home made ‘elaichi chai’. Elaichi (cardomom) is a herb which takes the form of seedpod. You can find them at all … Continue reading

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